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Are termites making your beloved house uninhabitable? Buckle up to assign them with our termite control service.
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Greetings to the official site of the termite control service. If you see any sign of termite infestation on your property, make sure to knock us here for any assistance. This site contains all the information about termites and the services provided to treat them. Navigate through the website to suit yourself with the best treatment according to your preference.
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We serve many industries
If you own any of these places and see termite threats, feel free to call us. Here is a note-down of the properties we would be happy to take control of once they are termite-infested.
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Our termite examination service

Our service is divided into three options. One of them includes a free termite examination service. We provide it for both home and business properties. It consists of a thorough pre-assessment of the property we have been asked to save from termite infestation.

The examination service is scheduled whenever you can give us an appointment for the termite extermination process. It is done on a particular day by the same team working on the treatment afterward. The primary purpose of the examination process is to assess the current situation around the property.

It helps the workers to understand the extent of manifestation and to make a plan according to it. We build up a liquid barrier to provoke the pre-existing termites to come out of their shells along with the examination. It is done by piping through the soil in the property's surrounding area and pouring termite-killing liquids into them.

About us

Our termite control service started its journey of caring for people and their health almost 20years ago. We were inaugurated with some small steps at the core of the capital city with barely 100 employees. Currently, we are functioning and expanding throughout the country with more than 5000 trustworthy employees.

Our service is based on trust and care towards our customers. We believe in making small changes that can lead to a better time and leave a more profound mark on the world. Keeping that motto in our hearts, we have designed our services into three individual options.

Among them, there is the emergency termite control service which is open 24*7. We also work on holidays to keep that particular service functioning. The service takes control of all the emergency and acute situations regarding termite attacks.

The other two services are given through scheduled appointments. It is a 2-in-1 service where you can get both assessment and treatment for termites.

Other than these, we go to a monthly campaign to different districts that are more prone to be affected by termites. We also have other pest-controlling services, but our main specialization is still for termites. Along with the pest-related services, we like to celebrate various health and environmental issues over the year.

Why choose our professional termite control service

Many pest control organizations are working at an incredible pace that offers several treatments. Our business has been starting to flourish among them. From being an underdog, we found our way through the heart of our customers. So, why choose us from among many others?

We care about our customers' sentiment about their homes and businesses more than a lot of others. As a result, we have made our pricing range quite affordable for people from all classes. Our employees are trained and confident enough to distinguish among several pests.

Over the years, they have experienced understanding different species of termites and how to control which one. They are quick to respond to any kind of emergency. They will never deprive you of your right to get the best service according to the condition of your house.

Our slogan is to ensure an insect-free space, and this is what you will be getting from all of our workers.

Why termite control service is important

Termites are one hell of a kind insect if you ask our honest opinion. Both adult and swarming termites are equally toxic. Their bites can cause allergic reactions, although they do not transmit deadly diseases. They reproduce so quickly that they can get out of hand at any time.

They have this ability to be masked around the house. Termites can entirely manifest your property, but you will not have the slightest clue; it is one of their deadly qualifications. Since they travel in groups, a single person can't take care of the situation.

This is when the termite control service comes in terms. They will discard even the last number of termites from the house and give you advice about all the necessary repairments needed.

We are the best termite control service in Bangladesh

Ever since we came to term, we have concentrated more on the satisfaction of our customers than our own business. Our termite control service is not just a one-time visit. We take the entire course with you, from inspection to further follow-ups.

Our employee-employer relationship never ends with just one treatment. We provide cleaning and disinfection service so that your property becomes spotless from termites. There are no other termite control services in this country that would advise repairing the furniture that the termites have ruined.

Yet we do these happily for our customers. We discard termites from places in a way they fear to come to the same place ever again. We also give off termite controlling advice to our customers so that they can take care of the first aid without our assistance in the distant future.

Is our service safe

If you know how dangerous the chemicals and sprays used to control pests are, this question will arise naturally. If you have elders or children on your property, it is only natural to think like that.

To drive away your worry, our chemicals are government-approved, just like our company. You can also check our certificate of approval once you schedule an appointment with us. Most of our chemicals are imported from big-time chemical companies.

The others are made in our laboratories in a way that is least harmful to humans. These chemicals are designed to be dangerous only for termites, not for humans.

Our workers use safe equipment and instruments during every visit to keep themselves and the surroundings well-protected from any accidents.

Things you MUST know!

Here are some key points you should keep in mind before dealing with termites:

● Termites will cause hollowed damages on wooden furniture, floor. It is the earliest sign of termite infestation.
● They leave dropping at every nook and corner, especially where they like to survive.
● There will be a considerable number of swarms in the affected area as well.
● Fill up the cracks and crevices around the house to keep the number in check.
● Never leave any wooden surface wet after cleaning. Always sweep a dry cloth over them.
● Clean the food leftovers from the surfaces quickly after having them smeared.
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